Rolandie Stramrood

Rolandie Stramrood

Rolandie Stramrood
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Clydesdale doing dressage

Clydesdales do Dressage Too! I am so happy to see that people are realizing that all horses can be trained,I was once asked to leave a competion as I rode a loud 18 hands paint,we were magnificent.

Lovely palomino with flowers braided into their tail. #braids #horse #flowers #palomino

Oh how many millions of times did I french braid my sweet gelding's tail and mane! And I even put daisies in his hair, too. He had a heart of gold, and loved me shamelessly - obviously, since he let me do such girly things to him.

Double mane braid from above!

Double mane braid horse, for those extra thick manes! The running braid isn't one that should be done the night before, because if you do it well enough where the braid is tight against the horse's neck she can't lower her head. <<< Wow, note taken