Animal Puppets

Life-sized animal puppets made from lightweight materials
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a woman standing next to a large white dog statue in the grass with trees behind her
Baboon Puppets
Baboon Puppets
a peacock is standing on a stand in a room with shelves and other items behind it
Peacock Puppets for Mos
Peacock Puppets for Moscow Ballet
an elephant and two giraffes in a circus setting with lights on the floor
Puppets in the Circus Ring
Puppets in the Circus Ring
a man riding on the back of a white polar bear statue in front of a black background
Bear Puppet
Rehearsing the Bear Puppet for Franco Dragone's La Perle Show in Dubai
a woman in grey jacket riding on top of a white horse shaped like a dog
Wolf Puppet
Wolf puppet rehearsal in Aix en Provence, France for the opera Orfeus & Magnun
a man walking a white dog on top of a cement floor next to other men
Warthog Puppet
Warthog Puppet
a man standing next to a white sculpture of a dog on top of a floor
Warthog Puppet
Warthog Puppet in rehearsal
two people are standing next to a white elephant statue in the middle of a street
Animal puppets Parade
Ostrich, elephant and Egret puppets accompanied by the Djapo drummers and dancers in Downtown Cleveland. This was a parade during the Borderlight festival in 2019 celebrating the Cleveland Libraries 150th anniversary
a fake white tiger standing on top of a pink floor in front of a screen
Lioness Puppet
Lioness puppet on stage. Moved by two operators
a man standing next to an elephant statue in front of a swimming pool at night
Elephant puppet
Elephant puppet rehearsing next to the diving pool in Dubai for Franco Dragone's "La Perle" show
Camel Puppet GIF
Camels puppets being rehearsed for shows in Dubai and Turkmenistan
Pegasus Horse Puppet GIF
Practising with the flying Pegasus puppet in France and South Africa
a man is flying a kite with a horse on it's back and wings
Pegasus puppet
lightweight flying Pegasus puppet
Cerberus Puppet GIF