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a batman standing in front of a full moon with his hands on his chest and arms crossed
BrowseTheStacks — 5 Random Foreign Editions
the batman and batgirl poster is flying through the air with city lights in the background
Amazingly Cool Collection of Geek-Culture Art From Bottleneck Gallery — GeekTyrant
batman and robin wayne on the roof of a building
Batman and Robin by John Byrne by Jasontodd1fan on DeviantArt
a drawing of a woman in a yellow and pink costume flying with her arms outstretched
Batwoman (Kathy Kane) by Bryan Mon, in John  Shepherd's 1956 Batwoman Kathy Kane by Various Artist Comic Art Gallery Room
Batwoman (Kathy Kane) by Bryan Mon Comic Art
a drawing of two women dressed as batman and catwoman, one in yellow and the other in black
Welcome to Geektown
a comic book cover with batman and robin in front of a tv screen, the man is
Batman #131 - The Second Batman and Robin Team (Issue)
1960-04 - Batman Volume 1 - #131 - The Second Batman and Robin Team #BatmanComics #DCComics #BatmanFan #Batman #ComicBooks
a woman flying through the air while holding onto a green leaf shaped kite in her hand
Bat-Girl (Betty Kane). It took three of us, but Darci did determine which issue had this art so I could prep it.
batman and catwoman cover for the first issue of the new york comic book, huntress
Tabitha Darling's Bedroom Floor
the batman family is posing for a photo in front of some other people and one dog
Sheldon Moldoff – Ty Templeton's ART LAND!!
The Batman Family.