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Il boxer APC è stato recentemente utilizzata in Afghanistan, sostenendo il contingente tedesco con l'ISAF.  Foto: KMW

The Boxer APC was recently used in Afghanistan, supporting the German contingent with ISAF.

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1feeb91afab3df9d9238890da55c1878.jpg (485×259)

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Rooikat - южноафриканская боевая разведывательная машина, часто классифицируемая также как истребитель танков.

Photos and pictures of Army and Military Vehicles and Equipment in South and Southern Africa - Armoured Vehicle Photos Page 4 - Rooikat

9.12.14 California School Cops Received Military Rifles, Grenade Launchers, Armored Vehicles - Six California school district police departments received equipment from the Department of Defense Excess Property Program, also known as the 1033 Program. A Los Angeles Unified School District spokesperson who requested anonymity confirmed school police received the gear noted in the report. The district, which has 400 sworn officers, has been receiving military weaponry since 2001.

School Cops Protecting Kids With... Grenade Launchers, Mine-Resistant Vehicles

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