Roedine van der Merwe

Roedine van der Merwe

Roedine van der Merwe
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Tropical fruits are perfect inspiration for summer makeup looks. Try a swipe of Mary Kay® True Dimensions® Lipstick in Citrus Flirt to get island fabulous.

Nail Polish Stain Remover!

Nail Polish Stain Removal This does work. If your nails are stained really yellow from dark nail polish, the stains won't go away completely, but they are a lot better.

Homemade Bath Bombs

How To Make Bath "Snowballs" What you need: 2 cups Epsom salts 2 tablespoons water A few drops essential oil(s) 1 drop food coloring, plus more if desired Special equipment: plastic pipette, large or small round bath-ball molds, storage jars