Skylar corner suite.

Experience the value of having a premium leather corner suite as an investment in your home. The Skylar corner suite is made to last.

Pellissima corner lounge suite.

The Pellissima corner suite is all about green innovation. Covered in the most current and innovative recycled leather fabric on the market, the Pellissima boast modern lines with 6 headrests that can be stylishly folded away.

Omega corner lounge suite.

ROCHESTER Omega corner lounge suite With sleek and contemporary design lies, the Omega corner suite was designed to turn heads. Featuring manual headrests and comfortable seats.

Atlanta corner lounge suite.

A gorgeously stylish sofa by day, and comfortable twin bed by night. The Dulce sleeper couch offers you the best of both worlds.

Bellwood corner lounge suite.

The gorgeously indulgent Bellwood range of seating allows you to sink deep into the seat, embracing you with an enhanced feeling of personal comfort.

Juno corner lounge suite.

The unique modular design of the Juno corner suites allow you to tailor-make them to suit any particular space. From large to small, the Juno can be crafted for a perfect customised fit.

Tudor corner lounge suite.

The Tudor is a large corner suite. Upholstered in a quality and durable fabric, the Tudor is guaranteed to make a statement – both aesthetically, as well as with regard to the comfort it will offer.