Rochelle Van Schalkwyk

Rochelle Van Schalkwyk

Rochelle Van Schalkwyk
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aww. guitar newborn photography. So cute. Some day

So much better than when baby is proped on daddy while he is glued to the video game controller and tv! So sweet!

I love that when every other artist at that time was trying to find an ism, Matisse was busy doing his own thing which was more genius than every other artist put together.

Henri Matisse: One of the Pasifae portfolio (linogravures), Plate 'Fraiche sur des Lits des Violettes' ('Fresh on beds of violets.') ~Via Oliva De La Fuente Gallego

Quibe / One line drawing

A one line drawing of a horse! The one RULE about this theme is there is NO picking up your pencil to move it, that's why it's called a one lined drawing! I WILL be entering, but will still b judging, good luck! No limit of drawings!