Footed Wine Glass

this cup is the new covenant in My blood, forgiving your sins ~ matthew

Neroli Soy Filled Candle

So in love with Neroli - one of my fav essential oils. And safe during pregnancy. I know my bub will love this since he or she is lathered in neroli twice a day!

Heart Biscuits in Glass Jar 220g

Heart Biscuits in Glass Jar - So your heart is fragile too, it breaks for all the ones you love and pours out pure nard over tea time chats to heal and to make whole

Mist Bath Créme

Mist-Bath-Creme- The soft smell reminds me of your gentle touch

Striped Poncho

Striped Poncho - I'll be many shades of jealousy.

Versace Yellow Diamond EDT

Versace Yellow Diamond EDT

Discover the World of Versace and Buy Online Clothing, Accessories and Fragrances.

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