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Crockpot chicken and rice. Tastes like chicken pot pie. This is so easy. I put my chicken breast in frozen. I only had 1 can of cream of chicken so I made up the difference with chicken broth. Will be making this again.

Post-Workout Refueler - 7 Nutrition-Rich Juice Recipes - Health Mobile

Post-Workout Refueler Juice Recipe - Almonds’ protein helps build and repair muscle. Plus, the potassium (twice as much as you get in two bananas) balances your electrolytes and fluids.

Power Gulp - 7 Nutrition-Rich Juice Recipes - Health Mobile

Power Gulp: This green goodie sneaks in a dose of iron (you need extra during your period and pregnancy), key for healthy blood cell and muscle function. It also delivers more than your daily rec of vitamin K—another must for blood and bone health

Cool Cabbage Juice Recipe

Cool Cabbage Juice Recipe 1 Cucumber 1 Carrot 2 Celery Stalks head of Red Cabbage 1 Granny Smith Apple 1 Cup of Grapes Lemon Peeled 1 inch of Fresh Ginger Root 1 Big Handful of Spinach

10 Freezer Meals in One Hour - Living Well Spending Less™

Need a simple dinner solution for busy weeknights? With this quick easy freezer meal plan you can whip up TEN delicious dinners in about an hour! All five recipes in the plan have been family-approved, are easy to cook, and use everyday budget-friendly

Marinated roast beef

Marinated Roast Beef Recipe - Bursting with flavor, this marinade makes an economical beef cut taste expensive making it moist and juicy.

8 Great Crock pot Freezer Recipes

Crockpot Freezer Meals: saucy pork chops soy chicken chicken fajitas beef fajitas pot roast and veggies pulled BBQ chicken ranch chicken breasts Italian chicken breasts Italian pork chops