Banana Bread Churro Bites

Banana Bread Churro Bites

Our Banana Bread Churro Bites are deep fried pieces of banana bread, rolled in cinnamon sugar, and served with an ice cream and espresso dipping sauce.

Melk tert.

South African recipe - 'Melktert' (Milk tart) - It is a South African dessert. It is a sweet pastry crust containing a creamy filling made from milk, flour, sugar and eggs and dusted with cinnamon. NewGenEggs make this extra delicious

Pear and Chocolate Pie

Chocolate and Pear Pie

Real Living Easter recipe for Flourless chocolate cake with pear, macadamia and creme chantilly

Bacon and mielie bread.

Bacon & Mielie (Corn) Bread - Simply Delicious— Simply Delicious made and it was good, going to try without corn next time

Perfect combination...

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A simple Roasted figs with crisp parma ham recipe for you to cook a great meal for family or friends. Buy the ingredients for our Roasted figs with crisp parma ham recipe from Tesco today.

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