NORTH OF ANGOLA - Recovering from a group of paratroopers by PUMA helicopter after an operation in northern Angola. Look familiar?

Portuguese Paratroopers during the Portuguese Overseas War boarding a Puma, ca.

☆ South African Air Force ✈

Aircraft of the South African Air force - early 10 x Mirage IIICZ, 4 x Sabre, 3 x Javelin 3 x Canberra 1 x Canberra

Swartkops Air Force Base, South Africa

Photograph taken at 17 Squadron, Swartkops Air Force Base, Pretoria, South Africa during a helicopter competition.

The Rooivalk is a latest-generation attack helicopter from Denel Aviation of South Africa. The name Rooivalk is derived from the African word 'Red Falcon'. The South African Air Force (SAAF) ordered 12 Rooivalk AH-2As at a cost of $61.7 million, the first of which entered into service in July 1999. The helicopters form part of No. 16 Squadron at Bloemspruit Air Force Base (near Bloemfontein).

The Rooivalk pilot made the next move. Using the impressive acceleration of his craft he cut across the circle and flew just inside and level with Sanders.

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