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How to Best Operate Your Indoor Remote Control Helicopters Military Helicopter, Military Aircraft, Military Jets, C130 Hercules, Sud Aviation, Airbus Helicopters, South African Air Force, Army Day, Military Pictures

Photo of SUD SE-3160 Alouette (SAAF628) - FlightAware

FlightAware Aviation Photos: SUD SE-3160 Alouette(SAAF628) FASK

Portuguese Paratroopers during the Portuguese Overseas War boarding a Puma ca. Colonial, Military Photos, Military History, Military Helicopter, Military Aircraft, South African Air Force, World Conflicts, Vietnam Vets, Paratrooper

NORTH OF ANGOLA - Recovering from a group of paratroopers by PUMA helicopter after an operation in northern Angola. Look familiar?

Aircraft of the South African Air force - early 10 x Mirage IIICZ, 4 x Sabre, 3 x Javelin 3 x Canberra 1 x Canberra Military Jets, Military Aircraft, Fighter Aircraft, Fighter Jets, Drones, South African Air Force, Army Vehicles, War Machine, Airplanes

Weekend Wings #39: South Africa's "Franken-Mirages", Part 1 of 3

I'm sure readers know of Mary Shelley's famous novel 'Frankenstein'. Briefly, Dr. Victor Frankenstein assembles a monster in the form of a human being, using body parts from "the dissecting-room and the slaughter-house". Since then, the first part of his name has become a byword to describe anything that resembles a known thing, but uses parts from other things. For example, in the shooting world, a 'Franken-FAL' is a FAL rifle (like this one, for example) that looks as if it came from the…

 Established 23 October Located at Kempton Park.

Atlas Commando. Established 23 October 1968. Located at Kempton Park.