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a bunch of bees that are flying in the air
From Stinger to Sorrow: Understanding Bee Mortality
Journey into the heart of the hive and uncover the secrets behind why bees perish after delivering a sting. Gain insight into the evolutionary pressures that shape this behavior and the vital role it plays in bee society.
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several bees are hanging from a tree branch
Bees trying to reach the swarm
a yellow and black insect sitting on top of a rock
Pictures of the day: 28 March 2014
a close up of a bug with bubbles on it's head
Washboarding on the top entrance.
a person holding some kind of honeycombs in their hand
Bees on Instagram: “Queen's cell's.. 🐝 Via :@apicolturarinaldi #ilovebees #pollination #apiary #pambeesly #beesting #beeswax #hive #beeswaxwraps #bees…”
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