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an rv is parked in the woods with its awning open and it's set up for camping
Vintage Serro Scotty Camper Rally - 1958 13' Sportsman, Sr.
an old photo of a woman standing next to a large machine in a kitchen with sink and cabinets
The Good, the AD and the Ugly : The Lost Art of Advertising
1950s #washing machine sold at #hhgregg! #history Remember having one of those!!! More
a living room filled with furniture and a window covered in floral drapes next to a lamp
A Scrapbook of Me
Retro Design: I would necessarily do this in my house, but I love the 50s inspired living room. More
an aerial view of children playing with hula hoop's in a playground area
Hula Hoop Fortune: Pretend you have just inherited a warehouse full of hula hoops(or some other random thing). In 30 seconds, write (or brainstorm aloud) what you would do with them. Share ideas when done. More
Coles Swimwear 1950's ~ These are adorable!!                                                                                                                                                                                 More Swimsuits, Bathing Suits, Haute Couture, Swimwear, 1950s Bathing Suits, Vintage Swimsuits, Vintage Swimwear, 1950s Swimsuit, Vintage Swim
1950s Bathing Suit Pictures
Coles Swimwear 1950's ~ These are adorable!! More
a parking lot filled with lots of parked cars next to a large screen tv on top of a building
Drive-In Theaters: Photos of a Vanishing American Pastime
The first drive-in movie theater opened in Camden, New Jersey, on June 6, 1933. At the height of their popularity in the 1950s and 60s there were roughly 4,000 drive-in theaters across America compared to only a few hundred today. This photo was taken in Chicago, 1951 - LIFE magazine. More
two men sitting on the hood of a car in front of an old drive - in
Seeking The South
the-rolling-gi: Chilling outside a Drive-In diner, 1950s. More
the interior of a diner with checkered flooring and blue booth booths, white walls, and neon lights
1950s Diner ... by Niamh Wilson More
an orange and white trailer parked in front of a building next to a red car
Vintage Trailers for Camping in Style
Vintage Trailers for Camping in Style — Inspiration Roundup
an advertisement for dishwasher with two women and a man
A happy homemaker showing off her wonderful new dishwasher.
an old advertisement for seltie's beer with people playing in the grass
retro beer ad
a woman holding up a bottle of beer next to an advertisement for heineken
Gingery Goodness
Vintage ad
an old advertisement for candy with two people kissing and one man holding a box full of candies
1950s - chocolate toffee fingers still on the go.
Nestlé's Milk Chocolate advertisement, October 1957. #vintage #food #ads #1950s Products, Nestle Milk, Vintage Food, Nestle
Nestlé's Milk Chocolate advertisement, October 1957. #vintage #food #ads #1950s
an advertisement for the television series,'53 motorola portable tv'featuring two women and a man
MOTOROLA TV Dealer Sales Portofolio (USA 1958)_35
vintage TV ad