Lamb shank potjie South Africa

The perfect lamb shank potjie recipe with Checkers' Certified Natural Lamb which is free-range, free of antibiotics and free of added hormones.

The National dish of South Africa! Potjie!!! Read the recipe and it sounds great.... and the blog it is from has other good So African recipes

Spicy Seafood Potjie - in a sensational sauce, potjie recipe, The National dish of South Africa!

Lamb or venison potjie with baby onions

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Potjiekos ... few recipes to try .... yum!!

Steak & Stout Potjie - Old Style & Favourite South-African Recipes. I need to start using our Potjie by cooking up some good South African Stews!

Smoky Lamb Knuckle Potjie Cook inside or out! [31/7] Cat: south african tastes

We've got the best laid dinner plans for you. Enjoy this appetizing Osso Bucco. Rich in flavor, it is the perfect way to please your dinner guests. They are certain to say shank you

Lamb Potjiekos - "Dont stuff up the potjie by stirring or adding too much sauce" - South African

Lamb Potjiekos

Now that Craig has a potjie pot, it's time to put some potjie recipes into action.

beef brisket with braai [br-eyyye] sauce potjiekos [poy-key koss] - fuck me i can taste it just looking at it *creys*

Beef brisket with braai (BBQ) sauce potjiekos

Traditional South African potjiekos - beef & BBQ sauce stew cooked outdoors in a cast-iron pot

Kalahari Mince Curry with yellow rice

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