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a woman's head is submerged in water with wire wrapped around her neck and eyes
Sismo magnitud 6.9 sacude Perú; autoridades piden tener calma ante posibles replicas
Este poema es del escritor mexicano Carlos PerezHe perdido ya varios horizontes.Pero mi faro sigue buscándola.Que se sacien de mar las cubiertas de los barcos.Que se impregnen de sal las anclas y ataduras.Que se inflen de días las soberbias velas.Que se pudran de hastío los postes de los muelles.Que se canse la arena de tantas …
a man sitting in front of a fire with many papers flying around him on the ground
The book burning.
The book burning. | 129/365. Whomsoever can guess the book I… | Flickr
I just want to live in the world through Petra ... | petra collins Instagram, Fotos, Photo, Poses, Photog, Photoshoot
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I just want to live in the world through Petra ... | petra collins
a young woman with blonde hair wearing a black shirt and white top smiling at the camera
a woman sitting on top of a stool with her arms spread out and legs crossed
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I always wanted to be a Beatnik (still do..)
the book how to get happily published by john pipern and mary evans
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Vintage How to Get Happily Published 1982 by NekodaVintageDirect
a man sitting on the ground with his head in his hands
Im melting... ❤
three men in pirate costumes holding swords and pointing them at each other's head
Disney News | Disney
YOU'RE JACK SPARROW! You know how to make an entrance and plan to use that skill to leave your mark in history. You always have the perfect response and your wit helps you get out of (and sometimes into) your problems. Even when the seas are rough, you keep your cool.
a woman standing in front of a building with her hand up to the sky and smiling
Kate Moss
a woman floating in the water with a surfboard under her arm and looking at the camera
perhaps on top of water too..but where am i going to find a crystal clear ocean??
a woman holding up a camera to her face
Closer: If you believe in love at first sight... Take a closer look.
a person sitting on a bed reading a book
francesca jane allen
a car is parked in front of a house at night with the sun setting behind it
a book with the words funny but kind of jokes written on it
personal message
Personal Message | The paintings of Michael Dumontier and Neil Farber