Knit Pump Slippers

I could totally see my mom wearing these gorgeous Knit Pump Slippers! And I wouldn't mind a pair myself :P

Dutch Circle Orchid

Dutch Circle Orchid - your love and patients is the reason for my success

Fluffy Boot Slippers

Fluffy Boot Slippers- snugly for those winter days.

Stormhoek Moscato Rosé 750ml

Can't celebrate my Mom without a glass or two of Bubbly!

Neon Deco Earring

Food, Home, Clothing & General Merchandise available online!

Pearl Necklace

Pearl Necklace Classy pearls for a very classy lady

Leather Flap Shopper

Bags are a girls' best friend - Especially when they keep treats for the grandchidren

Jacquard Coatigan

Jacquard Coatigan - something expensive😊😋

Bvlgari Mon Jasmin Noir EDT

Bvlgari Mon Jasmin Noir EDT - floral reminds me of spring.

More ideas
Viento Body Soufflé |

Viento Body Soufflé- you are unpretentious and soft. Not that you'd let the world know. Well, here's 'you' in a jar.

Hand Crocheted Throw - for Mum to snuggle up under on these cold, winter's nights!

Hand Crocheted Throw- okay.this one is a selfish one. I'm picturing me under this throw with you. I've always loved a home-made throw.

Viento Dome Bath Set, now mommy gets to bath with luxury,  and it looks good in the bathroom too.

Viento Dome Bath Set - Woolworths --- i want the glass dome just as much :)

A pretty mug when you're serving Mom breakfast in bed ♥ Heart You Mom Mug

Heart You Mom Mug - every mom should have a heart you mug. So she always feels special when she has her morning tea/coffee

Sweet Macaroon Soap |

Sweet Macaroon Soap - an absolute must! My mom loves scented soaps :) | Food, Home, Clothing & General Merchandise available online!

Graphic Floral Scatter from My mom has a pink living room (my brother isn't too fond of it) so this would fit in perfectly!

Tea For One My mom's a tea drinker. Can picture her in her office sipping from one of these!

Tea for one from Woolworths. An elegant tea for one set, fit for a queen. | Food, Home, Clothing & General Merchandise available online!

My mum would absolutely love drinking her cuppa coffee in this lovely mug

Mothers Day Gifts

simply elegant, for the best mom there is. phalaenopsis in large orchid glass terrarium.