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Below is an example for what you can make if you use this mould

Cats are cute lovable, and this one is no less so.

RAWR means I love you in dinosaur! We all have a dinosaur deep within us just trying to get out. Dreaming of a dinosaur signifies that it is time to put things

Life in a goldfish bowl! A fine fishy goldfish mould that with give your cupcakes fins! The gold fish brings good luck in the form of tranquility, wisdom and lo

A cute sleeping baby wearing a nappy or diaper, perfect for baby shower or christening cakes!

A large baby mould that will put the sparkle in your eye, ideal for baby showers, christenings or even birthday cakes.

Everybody know little babies are cute, and need lots of love and attention from mommy and daddy.

A cute and cuddly Koala mould, ideal for animal lovers! This amazing marsupial fondant mould won't just inhabit the Australian woodlands, but his nocturnal natu

In some cultures, horses stand for the balance of wisdom and power. The horse is a universal symbol of freedom without restr

Nelly the elephant! “An elephant never forgets.” Both powerful and vulnerable, the elephant is a poignant metaphor for all nature. Elephants are highly intellig

Fish are fun creatures, and the water element connection gives fish the connotation of the subconscious, emotions, healing and purification. In Greek mythology,

A captivating crocodile mould that will see you later alligator, or in while crocodile, but never leave your cupcakes with crocodile tears.The crocodile god, So

A sweet little sugary baby shoe to add a surprise to your baby shower snacks