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two pictures with the words spider - man trying to fight dr strange and then they're
a man holding a snake on top of his chest
#Thor #Loki #Ragnarok
the caption reads, man with metal arm beats up orhan with help of his folded friend after having killed his parents 25 years ago
That’s why I’m on Tony’s side even though Bucky was mentally messed up still
the avengers movie characters and their names are shown in this chart, which includes pictures of them
the silhouettes of men in suits are arranged into an arrow shape, and each has different
an image of the same person on twitter
an article about the different types of rings and their uses in jewelry making is shown below
two cartoon characters are standing in front of a city
the avengers movie is being viewed on twitter
five people in scuba suits standing next to each other with text that reads, the way everyone is standing normally and then theres these two
🄼🄰🅁🅅🄴🄻 ଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭