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Metall-Art als besondere Blumenampel! Was für ein Garten-Highlight! Quelle: Trovati

Garden Art-These creative ostrich plant holders are designed to showcase flowers artfully, as the contents of the round basket you include mimic an ostrich's plumes.

Joseph Heinrich, Aztec Vase, c. 1905, sterling silver, featuring a 3/4 cast Indian and Native American motifs, signed, 20 in. high

Joseph Heinrich, Aztec Vase, Sterling Silver, featuring a cast Indian and Native American motifs


Friendly chair/ couch for Re-Brand Photos, makes you warm, inviting and relatable // Enchanted forest photoshoot in dresses

Just hangin' out.

"Is that a squirrel in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?" - squirrel pocket of jeans hanging on the clothesline.


Alligator catching a bird. Rare and unusual photo. One difference between alligator and crocodile is the alligator, which can be found in southern Florida, has a short, broad nose; the crocodile has a long, thinner one.

Lion -- isn't it ironic how the king of the jungle is a feline? No wonder cats are so bossy! They are beautiful creatures. I can't imagine coming face to face with one of these and fearing for my life.

wow!! simple, easy-to-do exercises to remedy or prevent bunions or hammertoes!!! it can even - possibly - help you avoid surgery!

How to Prevent and Treat Bunions-A bunion is a deformity of the great toe characterized by a lateral deviation of it. People usually confuse it with bone growth, but it’s not that, it’s the bones

♂ Dream ✚ Imagination ✚ Surrealism Surreal art Nature, Face, Creative, grass head hill

Create a surreal landscape, a landscape on my head / face / in a jar

Old Panama, me

Old Panama, me