Rieth Schnetler
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Bathroom organization, top to bottom: making the most of a closet: bedding, medicines, towels/washcloths, sheets, misc. personal items.

Linen Closet: Roll with It. Save space in a shallow linen closet by rolling up towels instead of folding them. Put lost space to use by installing towel racks on the back of the door to hang wrinkle-susceptible linens, such as tablecloths.


Beautiful teen girl’s room idea. Or could be transformed into a master's, maybe by using more neutral with pops of color? Exactly the color of my bedroom

Use a tension rod to secure pot lids along the side of a drawer or cabinet.

You could use the tension rod across the back of a cabinet as well. I don't have large drawers. pot lids are held in place by a tension rod placed across the front of a drawer.

Large Undershelf Basket Polytherm- use to store kitchen towels instead of wasting drawer space on them!

Polytherm Undershelf Baskets x 10 x 4 large enough to hold anything useful in the toy cabinet?