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A Diet & Exercise Plan for a 60-Year-Old Woman | Livestrong.com

Women who reach 60 should focus on how to make their next few decades healthy. They can do this by eating a healthy diet and exercising to stop muscle loss.

If you are 60 years old and you want to lose weight you have to adopt some new strategies. Your metabolism has slowed down your body's ratio of fat to muscle has changed and you may be fighting a lifetime of poor eating habits. However some basic tweak Fast Weight Loss Diet, Weight Loss For Women, Weight Loss Goals, Easy Weight Loss, Weight Loss Program, Healthy Weight Loss, Diet Program, Start Losing Weight, Diet Plans To Lose Weight

Fast Weight-Loss Diet for a 60-Year-Old Woman | Livestrong.com

No matter what your age, when you're carrying extra weight, you always want to lose it yesterday. But if you're a woman in your 60s, losing weight too fast may cause you to lose precious calorie-burning muscle, which may make it more difficult to keep the weight off in the long run.