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a woman is stacking jeans on top of a table with the words old jeans
SisterQuilt on Instagram: "DIY old jeans recycle​ tote​ bag"
an easy diy for making heart shaped pouches
コトブキソーイング/ハンドメイドの先生 on Instagram: "後で見返す為に保存がおすすめ! ---------------------------------------- 簡単に作れるように無料の型紙を作りました。 プロフィールからkotobukisewingの型紙SHOPに行ってダウンロードできます。 I made a free pattern to make it easy to make. You can download it from the kotobukisewing pattern shop on my profile. ---------------------------------------- 小物から服まで、ハンドメイドのレシピを紹介(@kotobukisewing)コトブキソーイングです🎈 ハートがかわいいメガネケースの作り方をご紹介! 普段使いのメガネも、ちょっと厚めのサングラスも入ります👓 ぜひ作ってみてください😊✨ ▼材料 ・厚手の接着芯 20×24㎝ 1pc ・表地 22×26㎝ 1pc ・裏地 22×26㎝ 1pc ・スナップボタン 1set ====🧵====✂️====🧵====✂️====🧵==== このアカウントでは現役パタンナーのわたしが 布で作るいろんなハンドメイドのレシピを発信中 \小物からお洋服まで/ あなたの創作意欲を掻き立てます♡ ====🧵====✂️====🧵====✂️====🧵==== 作った作品は #コトブキメイド でタグ付けしてくれたらうれしいです💕 #ハンドメイド好きさんと繋がりたい #洋裁好き #洋裁初心者 #ソーイング大好き #ソーイングレシピ #sewing #diyproject #sewinghacks #sewingtutoria
the instructions for how to use a pair of pink pliers on a piece of paper
Monogram Christmas Ornaments // Cropadile Giveaway!
a pair of pliers sitting on top of a wooden table next to some nuts
2 in 1 eyelet plier for jewelry Canvas Clothes Leather Setting Rivets - US $14.77
instructions for how to set crystal rivets
a blue tote bag sitting on top of a white counter next to a wall
Ae PooiM on Instagram: "DIY Zipper Tote Bag - Sewing projecct! Learn more: Watch full video version with measurement detail on my youtube channel “Ae PooiM” as link in Bio Or copy and paste the address below into your browser to get there. #diy #howto #sewing #sewingproject #fabricbag #canvasbag #bagtutorial #lovesewing #easysewing #totebag #aepooim"
three pieces of fabric sitting on top of each other
Kristina Brinkerhoff || Modern Sewing and Quilting Patterns on Instagram: "Another Hemingway Pouch! This time with @thimbleblossoms upcoming Rosemary Cottage line. Pattern: Hemingway Pouch in Medium Size Fabric: Rosemary Cottage by @thimbleblossoms for @modafabrics. Zipper is @sallietomatopatterns from @missouriquiltco #centerstreetquilts #quilting #hemingwaypouch #sew #sewing #sewingpattern #zipperpouch #pouchpattern #handmadebag #handmade #quiltedpouch #msqcshowandtell"
Nähberater on Instagram: "Ein einfacher Nähtrick, der Ihnen beim Nähen nützlich sein kann! #nähen #sewing #nähtrick #lifehacks #necchi"
Nähberater on Instagram: "Ein einfacher Nähtrick, der Ihnen beim Nähen nützlich sein kann! #nähen #sewing #nähtrick #lifehacks #necchi"
someone is using a sewing machine to sew something
독수리 언니네 l 앞치마 l 소품 l on Instagram: "🧵끈 깔끔하게 마감하는 방법 🧵 제가 끈 깔끔하게 마감하는 방법 여러개 올렸는데 다들 연습해 보셨나요? 이건 마지막에 올렸던 방법과 거의 비슷한데 또 디테일이 달라요?! 여러가지 방법중 내게 맞는 끈 마감하는 방법 찾아서 예쁜 작품활동 해보시길 바래요~😘 . . . . @sister_apron @sister_apron . . . . . #소잉팁 #sewing #sewingtips #끈깔끔하게마감하는방법"
a drawing of a pink and yellow shield with an arrow pointing to the right side
七五三☆ 巾着の作り方 | マリッコの衝動的ハンドメイド
七五三☆ 巾着の作り方 | マリッコの衝動的ハンドメイド
Tela, Sewing Projects, Pouch Diy, Fabric Baskets
an image of a handbag made out of fabric with the words diy on it
Fabric basket idea with handle
Fabric basket idea with handle - YouTube
someone is holding a piece of fabric with scissors in their hands and another person's hand on top of it
İzmit Butik Mdacım on Instagram: "En çok istek alan çanta dikiminin devamı niteliğinde bir video. Kaydetmeyi unutma. Mutlaka işine yatayacaktır. Bu tür videoların devamı için beğenmeyi kaydetmeyi ve bizi takip etmeyi unutmayın lütfen 😉 #dikiş #keşfetteyiz #dikişteknikleri #dikişöğreniyorum ##çantadikimi"
a person holding a pink and white bag with flowers in the background that says, flatmates pouch
M I N K I K I M on Instagram: "Had fun making this cute Flatmates Pouch. * the pattern comes with three different sizes and this is the smallest. * cute labels available in my shop. * fabric is by @beelori1 for @rileyblakedesigns #minkikim #minkikimpattern #flatmatespouchtrio #zipperpouch #projectbag #sewing #sewingproject"
someone is making an easy glass case in their craft room with the text, making an easy glass case
Zipper Valley | Bag Supplies on Instagram: "🌸 We’re showcasing our fabulous DayFlex fabric here. It’s smooth as silk but also water-resistant and scratch-resistant. Say hello to durability and style! 👋 Search “Flower Patch” on our website to grab this pretty design. 🛍️ ☀️ Now let’s talk about the pattern! It’s by our talented friend, Muriel (@cocotteandcocreations)! Go to her Instagram and tap her bio to find the pattern.✨ It’s fast and easy to make and oh-so-cute! Reel by @sarahbear621"