Newfoundland Pony -  Canada

Nfld Pony Sailor Boy// wow, what a gorgeous pony

Quarter Pony - USA

A truly American breed, the Quarter Horse was essential to life on the frontier for very good reasons: They could do almost everything. Heavily muscled, hardy, and acutely intelligent, Quarter Horses were the horses that won the West.

Pony of the  Americas - USA

Learning to Ride with a Pony of the Americas As the breed name suggests, the Pony of the Americas is considered a pony. Like many other pony breeds, this one

Welsh Cob

Tuscani Aramis*, Section D Welsh Cob Stallion. A chestnut sabino, his mane and tail are such a pale flaxen, he looks like a dark palomino.

Vyatka Pony - Russia  ( Endangered)

Vyatka horse: Duns and Grullo duns are common among this rare breed.