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a poem written in green and yellow with flowers on the bottom right hand corner, surrounded by leaves
Benefits of linden
Linden is a powerful heart tonic that regulates blood pressure, strengthens your blood vessels, soothes the effects of stress on the heart, and helps with heart palpitations. It also suports digestion and soothes the stomach, eases anxiety and depression, and is helpful for muscle tensions and migraines.
an info sheet describing how to use your own natural blend
Yoni Steam Blend Spiritual Blend
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Sage Sweetgrass Energy Cleansing Bundle Smudge Stick. Banish Negativity, Positive Energy Ritual Smoke Wand, First New Home Housewarming Gift - Etsy
lavender sticks are laid out on a cutting board
LAVENDER & PINE HARMONY Bundles W/ Green Sage, Lavender Smoke Cleansing Wands, Floral Smoke Cleansing Sticks, White Sage Alternative Bundle - Etsy