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the baby is sitting in his highchair and eating some food with her mouth open
7 Dairy Free Tips (for breastfeeding moms)
The BEST tips for Nursing Moms! Recipes, ideas, and recommendations! || Dairy free *note* review items for other allergens, not reviewed for egg, pn, tn
a baby laying in bed with the title dairy free breastfeeding for beginners a survival guide
The MSPI Baby: A Beginner's Guide to Surviving It
When you learn that you need to go dairy free to continue breastfeeding your baby, you might feel overwhelmed. This dairy free breastfeeding guide will answer all your questions about MSPI and help you to feel confident in your decision to continue breastfeeding.
Use The Right Onion Avocado, Foodies, Salsa, Cooking, Healthy Recipes, Brunch, Cooking Onions
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Use The Right Onion
a chalkboard saying today i will choose joy
About Me
Today I will CHOOSE JOY!
the quote if you cannot be positive, then at least be quiet
Reconnect Your Domain |
LOL NOPE! Seriously, though, there is a great book about this: Feelings Buried Alive Never Die. We have to express our "negative" (what does that even mean? Painful? Self-defeating?) beliefs and feelings in order to transform that into "positive" (better-feeling, empowering) energy. Then your vibration will attract more good-feeling and empowering experiences-- because you didn't let it fester. Ignoring painful thoughts doesn't change your vibration. Feelings buried alive surface as disease.
Talking about our problems is our greatest addiction. Break the habit. Talk about your joys - Rita Schiano Humour, Sayings, Inspirational Words
Daily Bite: Rita Schiano Inspirational Quote - Bite Size Wellness
Talking about our problems is our greatest addiction. Break the habit. Talk about your joys - Rita Schiano
a quote from john stein about what good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness
Great quote by John Steinbeck
Great quote by John Steinbeck | As much as I complain about winter, summer would not be as wonderful without it :)
a note written on lined paper that says,'forget me for picking back up what i've already laid down at your feet '
Brief Summary
Here's a prayer I need every day.
a list of women's bible studies by book of the bible
Women's Bible Studies by Book of the Bible
Ever want to study a certain book of the Bible, but not sure where to find a study? Here's the answer!
NYX thalia. $3.50 at target or ulta. Love the color! Rimmel, Lip Colours, Make Up, Eyeliner, Beauty Make Up, Lip Gloss, Concealer, Eye Make Up, Beauty Secrets
NYX thalia. $3.50 at target or ulta. Love the color!
We found this very helpful! Tying Scarves #scarves #howtotie #fashion Dressing, Scarves, Casual, Sewing, How To Wear Scarves, How To Wear A Scarf, Scarf Tying, How To Wear, What To Wear
We found this very helpful! Tying Scarves #scarves #howtotie #fashion
a man standing next to a cat on top of a poster with information about the power of cats
The healing power of cat purrs...
a dog sticking its head out the window of a car with a thank you sticker on it
save a life
a cat litter box in the corner of a room next to a door and floor mat
How To Keep The Litter Box Area Clean
Keeping The Litter Box Area Clean by buying rubber garage tiles at a home improvement store and placing them under the litter box. The litter gets trapped in the holes and not tracked all over the house! Works better than the litter-trapping mats that are sold in pet stores!