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DIY rain barrel... would love to have something like this out near the chicken coops to make watering and cleaning them easier...

How to Build a Rain Barrel. A dual barrel system that uses atmospheric pressure to equalize the water volume in both rain barrels. Use the water from your rain barrels to water your plants.-----great idea and can help save money!

this is what anyone who even thinks about getting close to me needs to know! Quite frankly, I won't let that happen again regardless.

Depression- treatment could be the difference between life and death, or feeling that although you are breathing, you are dead on the inside- it doesn't have to be this way- there is hope, there is help- you may be tired and need to take a break, but don't ever give up.

Women are twice as more likely to sufferer from depression than men. Here are 7 Tell-Tale signs of depression in women that can help act as a guideline.

Oh my gosh!! This is exactly how I feel, It's like the words were taken right out of my mind!!

Things would be so much easier if I could switch off what I feel for you but I can't when you buried yourself so deep in my heart

Don't judge

Don't judge me. You can't handle half of what I've dealt with. There's a reason I do the things I do, there's a reason I am who I am. Yes I am❤️❤️

This makes me happy. With bipolar disorder and anxiety, this makes me feel a little better about myself :)

This is wonderful. It's interesting to learn that even the most unfortunate trait(s) a person can have has a positive disposition too. // lmaooo i have depression, OCD and anxiety (and potentially bipolar disorder)