Wire Art

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a wooden horse head sitting on top of a table next to a blue string curtain
Darcy's wire trees
Wired Elegance - Crafting Arboreal Beauty through Tree-Made Art
Explore the enchanting world of wire tree artistry in this section. Craft intricate, lifelike trees using various gauges of wire, blending creativity and precision. Uncover the secrets of shaping branches, creating a unique fusion of nature and craftsmanship. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned artist, discover the joy of bringing wire to life in captivating arboreal forms.
an artistic sculpture is displayed on a table
Darcy's wire bonsai
Large Copper Wire Bonsai Now on Sale
A bonsai handmade from copper wire and rooted in ash wood. This item is special due to the unusual thickness of 2.1mm of copper wire, which makes it very difficult to process, resulting in a tree larger than usual and weighing 5.2kg.
several different types of hair pins on a table
Tutorials Shows Creative Uses of the Round Nose Pliers for Wire Designs
a bonsai tree is growing in a potted planter on a wooden table
Beaded Artificial Tree Red Bonsai size L, Autumn Japanese Bonsai, Feng Shui Tree, Wire Sculpture, Woody Plant - Etsy
Beaded Artificial Tree Red Bonsai size L Autumn Japanese | Etsy