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General Joubert, bought Mauser magazine rifles, firing smokeless ammunition, and a number of modern field guns and automatic weapons from the German armaments manufacturer Krupp, the French firm Creusot and the British company Maxim.

Boer warrior - Anglo Boer War 1899 - 1902

Boer guerrillas during the Second Boer/Anglo War Gi Joe, War Novels, British Colonial, Modern History, Zulu, British Army, African History, World War I, Military History

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wellwornwornwell: “ The Boer Wars: fought in tweed. ”

Anglo Boer War - Kitchener's Scorched Earth Policy was a last ditch attempt by the British to win the War. Destroying Boer farms and making women and children destitute victims of war. Cape Colony, Haunting Photos, New York Life, Prisoners Of War, A Day In Life, African History, African Art, Second World, British History

Boer civilians watch as their house burns from scorched earth tactics by the British Army during the Second Anglo-Boer War, South Africa, 1899-1902.

Boer Girl in the Anglo-Boer War

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British soldiers - Boer war 1900s

British soldiers - Boer war 1900s

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Teenagers boer war

Teenagers boer war

Emily Hobhouse / South African Military History Society - Lectures - Four Exceptional Women in the Anglo-Boer War African Culture, African History, African Art, Safari, The Siege, History Projects, My Land, My Heritage, Military History

South African Military History Society - Lectures - Four Exceptional Women in the Anglo-Boer War

Second Boer War - ABW - Christiaan De Wet was considered the most formidable leader of the Boer guerrillas. He successfully evaded capture on numerous occasions and was later involved in the negotiations for a peace settlement. War Novels, Armed Conflict, Desmond Tutu, My Land, My Heritage, Guerrilla, African History, Cold War, Military History

Christiaan Rudolf de Wet (7 Oct 1854 – 3 Feb 1922) was a Boer general, rebel leader and politician. De Wet served in the first Anglo-Boer War of 1880–81 as a Field Cornet, taking part in the Battle of Majuba Mountain, in which the Boers achieved a victory over the British forces under Major General Sir George Pomeroy Colley. He continued his successful career to the end of the Second Boer war, striking heavily where he could and evading every attempt to bring him to bay.

A Boer farm is demolished. The brutal tactics employed by the British to suppress the Boer insurgency were equally - if not more - effective at earning the enmity of the population than actually bringing the Boers to heel. The Boer commandos. Cape Colony, British Soldier, British Army, Camping Set Up, Armed Conflict, The Settlers, African History, Military History, Warfare

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