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two pictures of an old tin can with flowers on it
Stop throwing out tin cans! Here's a list of 50 wonderful projects to make!
Beautiful Vintage Upcycled Tin Can Holder for Craft Supplies and More
three different colored wooden doors sitting next to each other
DIY Pallet Serving Tray
pallet trays... OMG this is an awsome idea!!!
how to make denim yarn with the help of fiber artsy - video and free pattern
How to Make Denim Yarn from Old Jeans,
How to Make Denim Yarn from Old Jeans | Great for lots of knit and crochet patterns such as rugs or purses. Free tutorial from
the instructions for how to make an intricate bracelet
Plastic bottle bracelet
there are many jars with numbers on them and other things in the bins next to each other
Vintage Inspired
Formula cans. Paint white. *my idea-Attach to old piece of wood and use for craft storage. Paint the lids with chalkboard paint and write on them what they hold.
four pictures of different ways to wear a green jacket with ruffles on the shoulders
Remended: Silk Shirt Refashion
a woman is holding up a large piece of cloth with holes cut out on it
DIY: Wrap-turned-Scarf
One square yard of fabric turned into a vest/wrap with just one cut. No sewing! whatttttt i have to do that!!
someone is holding two bottle caps with words on them, and one has a bow
Bottle Cap Charms
Bottle Cap Charms - YouTube
a green glass bottle sitting on top of a white table next to a vase filled with beads
Take a large or small green pop bottle with lid. Draw zigzag verticle lines up the bottle every inch. Cut the lines with an exacto. Children can now glue sequins and glittle to decorate the bottle. Attach a spinning hanger from the lid. Can put a fake tee light inside. Looks great on a tree.NB -LET AN ADULT USE THE EXACTO
two yellow and black keychains are sitting next to each other on a white surface
Cool Beer Bottle Cap Crafts
Beer Bottle Cap Craft Ideas. (Thinking this would be a good stocking stuffer for my man!)