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Hummus Pasta
This creamy vegan Hummus Pasta is a healthy Mediterranean inspired recipe! It's all made in one pot and ready in 15 minutes - perfect for a weeknight meal! #vegan #video #recipevideo #foodvideo #dinner #weeknight
a pan filled with peas, mushrooms and other vegetables on top of a blue surface
Tasty Cooking
Easy Thai Green Curry
a wooden bowl filled with cucumber, tomatoes and chickpeas on top of a red table cloth
Easy Summer Dinners Meal Plan - Rainbow Delicious
tomato avocado chickpea salad + 4 other delicious healthy family dinner recipe ideas in this week’s spring meal plan | Rainbow Delicious
thai chicken zucchini noodles with spicy peanut sauce is an easy and healthy meal
Easy Thai Chicken Zucchini Noodles with Spicy Peanut Sauce!
Zoodles are the star in this easy 15 minute Thai Chicken Zucchini Noodles recipe with Spicy Peanut Sauce only 363 calories and packed with a punch of flavor!
the steps to make stuffed cabbage rolls with meat and vegetables in them are shown here
Stuffed Cabbage Rolls – Like My Grandmother Used To Make
Amazing Stuffed Cabbage Rolls. Tender leaves of cabbage stuffed and rolled with ground turkey, garlic, onion and rice, simmered in a rich tomato sauce.
greek chicken kebabs with tzatzki on skewers
Recipe on Twitter
Greek Chicken Kebabs with Tzatziki Sauce - I could live on these! They're so flavorful and they're healthy! Greek food at it's best.
the process of making cucumber sandwiches is shown in four different pictures, including zucchini and meat
Spinach Zucchini Ravioli
Come find me on Instagram! :) # lvfoodphotog INGREDIENTS: 1.5 lbs. ground turkey 2 cups chopped fresh spinach 1/2 large onion 2 clove...