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four different frog pictures with the words in english and french, including one for coffee
a sign that is hanging on a chain link fence in front of a dirt field
Screenshot by Lightshot
Soen soos 'n vissie ;)
Soen soos 'n vissie ;)
a chalkboard with some writing on it in front of a green framed sign that says, die lewis is te kort vr nagemake boter
.... en goedkoop wyn & koffie
a sign hanging from the side of a wall with a coffee cup and saucer on it
Hier leef ons van... Jakob se winkel
a sign with some flowers on top of it
Ons is almal koppies wat volgemaak moet word... __[ #Afrikaans #giveOut
a sign on the side of a building that has been vandalized with words
Hoop geloof en liefde
Wise Words, Phrase, Wise Sayings, Empowering Quotes, Brief
an image of a windmill and birds in the background with words written below it that read, e willie tire vandalg hog ago don't
an image of a cartoon character with the caption's description in english and spanish
Eks vrou
the words are written in purple and blue on a white background with an image of flowers
God het altyd tyd om te luister as jy tyd het om te bid. #Afrikaans #Godmantras #Prayer