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the ceiling is made out of white circles and has been decorated with gold foil flowers
These Things No.29 · Miss Moss
dandelion installation by Regine Ramseier
four different cups with hearts and flowers painted on them, all in black and white
Ideas for mug designs
a painting with birds perched on the branches of a tree in blue, green and white
zen tangle on Tumblr
an abstract painting with lots of small dots in the shape of a flower on a light blue background
Acquired to Scale Ecommerce Operations
The Change
a colorful bird with the words live love written on it's back and hearts coming out of its beak
Souls of my Shoes: Archive
a drawing of colorful buntings on a white background
Bunting and garland love / children book illustration fawn - Google Images on imgfave
the word love is written in black and white with an abstract pattern on it's letters
Zentangle LOVE... also another possibility: take a normalish font but use it as a sort of stencil that substitutes creative doodles in place of the body of the letter. *shrug*
a circle made out of colored pencils on white paper with the center surrounded by multicolored strips
an image of colorful circles on a white background
Matias Girl
danny ivan
four plates with different designs on them are lined up in a row against a blue background
Xoilac TV, xôi lạc tv trực tiếp bóng đá có blv tiếng việt
Carolyn Gavin Rosettes
a yellow and gray floral pattern on a white background with leaves, flowers and dots
a blue and yellow rug with circles on it
an image of colorful fabric with leaves on it
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African pattern: Masai swirl
a calendar with an artistic design on it's front and back cover for march 2013
print & pattern
print & pattern