'n Springbok-pastei is altyd 'n wenner, soos dit 'n Springbok betaam! Sit voor met kweper- of appeljellie / Springbok pie with apple jelly, game pie

Springbok pie with apple jelly- Jan wanted me to pin this. I thought it was a dessert. Turns out it is a venison pie.

Ostrich kebabs w/feta herb sauce.   Simple recipe...I'll probably have to use beef or lamb.

Ostrich kebabs with Feta & Herb sauce

Ostrich Kebabs with Feta & Herb sauce-you could substitute lamb or any other type of meat

Helena Kruger  WILDSPOTJIE      http://lekkerreseptevirdiejongergeslag.blogspot.com/2013/01/potjiekos-volstruiswild.html Wildsvleis soos ...

Namibian Potjiekos Recipe: A potjie is fantastic for any safari you go on, it is a very social occasion with everyone helping out with the preparation of the meat and vegetables and then sitting around the fire as it bubbles away. This is a great recipe f


Donker bier gee ’n karamelagtige geur aan wildsvleis wat deur die soet gekaramelliseerde uitjies gekomplementeer word.

Lean Springbok Steak Burgers

The addition of bread soaked in milk and olive oil makes these burgers, very moist. The blue cheese makes them gourmet!

Venison Roast with Creamy Apricot Mustard Sauce

Robertsons spice experts have journeyed around the world to bring the finest herbs & spices to your kitchens.