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Rustic chic decorating ideas. A combination of natural elements, vintage chic, and some industrial.

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Pipberry & Twig by PipBerryAndTwig on Etsy

Pipberry & Twig by PipBerryAndTwig

Pipberry & Twig by PipBerryAndTwig on Etsy

Before & After: Rustic Bathroom Transformation – Design*Sponge Rustic Bath, Rustic Bathroom Designs, Home, Rustic Chic Bathrooms, Bathroom Transformation, Shabby Chic Bathroom, Rustic Apartment, Bathroom Design, Modern Style Decor

Shabby Chic Bathroom Ideas

For a feminine and pretty decorating style, you will want to check out these shabby chic bathroom ideas. They have just the right balance of elegance and rustic warmth. The type of bathroom that you can feel pampered in and comfortable at the same time. After all, a luxurious bathroom doesn’t have to make youContinue reading →

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15 Beautiful Blue Bathrooms to Promote Relaxation

The color of water is a natural choice for these gorgeous bathrooms that incorporate shades of blue in tiling, wallpaper, paint and other finishes.

Lovely soft colors and details in your interiors. Latest Home Interior Trends. The Best of shabby chic in - Home Decoration - Interior Design Ideas Decor, Cottage Style, Farmhouse Decor, Cottage Chic, Vintage Bottles, Cottage Decor, Home Decor, Glass, Beach Decor


You can`t use up CREATIVITY..the more you use ,the more you have....

A Roundup Of Vintage Crafts And Ideas - Rustic Crafts & Chic Decor Chic Interior Design, Rustic Crafts, Decor Styles, Home Decor, Shutter Wall Decor, Country House Decor, Distressed Painting, Shabby Chic Homes, Chic Home Decor

A Roundup Of Vintage Crafts And Ideas

When you think of vintage crafts, the first thing that may come to mind is craft projects that were popular in the past. However, that is not what this post is about. Instead, I am focusing on craft projects that use vintage items as part of the material. Things like old paper and fabrics canContinue reading →

See how I upcycled a vintage bobbin spool to hold flowers with this easy wooden spool craft idea. Vintage sheet music and ribbon turned it rustic chic. Wooden Spool Crafts, Rustic Crafts, Wooden Spools, Vintage Crafts, Rustic Chic Decor, Rustic Shabby Chic, Homemade Storage, Vintage Sheet Music, Decorative Storage

Wooden Spool Craft Upcycled Bobbin

Over the years I have collected several different vintage wooden spools. Most of them have been old thread spools but I have also found some taller wooden bobbin spools. These are especially fun to decorate with and I came up with a wooden spool craft that turns a spool into a rustic chic flower holder.Continue reading →

How To Decorate A Room With Simple Things - Rustic Crafts & Chic Decor

How To Decorate A Room With Simple Things

Decorating a room in your house shouldn’t be stressful or unaffordable. In fact, there are plenty of ways to decorate with the simplest of things. See how to decorate a room in style by upgrading what you have. Turn Basics Into Extraordinary Decor Things that are considered simple are those basic accessories that are easyContinue reading →

Old Sweater Vase Cozies {fall crafts} Before you donate your old sweaters you might want to take a look at this post! Repurpose old sweaters as cozy vase covers. Winter Home Decor, Diy Home Decor, Fall Decor, Alter Pullover, Winter Centerpieces, Centerpiece Flowers, Centerpiece Ideas, Flower Arrangements, Table Decorations

Winter Home Decor Ideas

In the Winter especially, you may want to add some decor that is warm and cozy but also light and cheery. Warm and cozy to offset the cold weather outside. And, light and cheery to keep those short days brighter. These may seem like conflicting ideas but there are ways to get both looks atContinue reading →

How To Embellish Tin Containers - Rustic Crafts & Chic Decor

How To Embellish Tin Containers

Haul out your old vintage tin containers and give them a new dressier shabby chic look with these simple embellishing ideas. Perfect for home or wedding!

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DIY Shabby Chic Decor

Try one of these six shabby chic crafts to give your home a fun and stylish new accessory.

Rustic cabin living room decor with diy pickle stained plywood walls. Cabin Living Room, Shabby Chic Decor, Living Room Floor Plans, Living Room Decor, Cabin Living Room Decor, Home Decor, Rustic Living Room, Shabby Chic Room, Brick Interior

Shabby Chic Decor With Birch

Decorating with birch is one of the most affordable ways to add shabby chic decor into a room. I think what makes birch so popular in decorating is that it is naturally rustic and yet so clean and bright with its smooth white bark – a perfect shabby chic combination. You really don’t have to doContinue reading →

This Ikea table hack takes an Ikea plant stand and an old drawer to make a functional storage tray table. One of my favorite Ikea hacks so far! Plant Stand, Rustic Shabby Chic, Rustic Chic Decor, Rustic Crafts, Ikea Plant Stand, Ikea, Ikea Table Hack, Ikea Plants, Ikea Table

Ikea Table Hack From An Ikea Plant Stand

Have you ever noticed how many Ikea hacks there are? It seems like everyone appreciates the affordability of Ikea products but then wants to tweak them to make them their own. I did this with an Ikea plant stand to make a functional storage tray table for my craft room. See what went into this IkeaContinue reading →

See how to use a birch log for this shabby chic birch candle holder craft. Candle Holders, Rustic Chic, Shabby Chic, Birch Candles, Rustic Chic Decor, Shabby, Rustic Crafts, Novelty Lamp, Birch Candle Holders

Shabby Chic Birch Candle Holder Craft

Make your own shabby chic accessory with this birch candle holder craft and see how I upcycled an old mirrored, wall hanging to hold this project.

4 All Time Best Tips: Endless Bloom Perennial Garden Ideas backyard garden fence tutorials.Floral Garden For Beginners backyard garden decor.Backyard Garden On A Budget Home. Wheelbarrow, Rustic Gardens, Small Backyard Gardens, Wheelbarrow Planter, Wheelbarrow Garden, Flower Planters, Modern Garden, Garden Pots, Diy Backyard

Rustic Garden Ideas

Get inspired by my picks for some beautiful garden art including planters, flower pots, a weathervane and much more!

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Rustic Chic Decor DIY Ideas - Rustic Crafts & Chic Decor

He's a little be rustic..she's a little bit chic! See how to blend the two with some easy rustic chic diy ideas for your home decor.

He's a little be rustic.she's a little bit chic! See how to blend the two with some easy rustic chic diy ideas for your home decor. Whitewash Wood, Rustic Chic, Rustic Chic Decor, Rustic Crafts, Chic Decor, Home Decor, Kitchen, Diy Decor, Chic Decor Diy

Rustic Chic Decor DIY Ideas - Rustic Crafts & Chic Decor

He's a little be rustic..she's a little bit chic! See how to blend the two with some easy rustic chic diy ideas for your home decor.