Coffee Pudding - Café Enrista

Coffee Pudding - I don& have Cafe Enrista but, I do have Maxim Korean Coffee and the products sound similar.

Refreshing Mango Panna cotta

Refreshing Mango Panna cotta

Refreshing Mango Panna cotta - A simple, beautiful dessert that tastes like summer in a glass. This panna cotta recipe is delicious and so easy to make.

These South African Doughnuts are too die for. Fluffy, Spicy, Sweet and they…

These South African Doughnuts are too die for. Fluffy, Spicy, Sweet and they melt in mouth. Easy to make with step-by step pictorial.use vegan butter and vegan milk And egg replacer or flax egg

Pampoenkoekies met stroop

Pampoenkoekies met stroop, Baie van ons maak pampoenkoekies as 'n bygereg, maar tradisioneel is dit as nagereg voorgesit.

Elaine's Sweet Life: Chelsea Buns {recipe}

Elaine's Sweet Life: Chelsea Buns {recipe} Another recipe just in case the other one doesn't work.

Spicy Pap Bake

Spicy Pap Bake

You don’t need many ingredients to make this cheesy-spicy braai-winner dish. Soft maize meal pap is a South African staple and is an economical way to feed a hungry crowd. In this bake, it’s flavoured with mildly spiced chakalaka, k

Malva Pudding Cupcakes

Malva Pudding Cupcakes

Literally translated as mallow pudding, this [malva pudding] is a well-loved traditional South-African pudding. It is seriously sweet and seriously rich but .

Cheddarkaas-biltong-vetkoek | SARIE | Cheddar and biltong vetkoek

Cheddar and biltong vetkoek - this is yummy puffed up deep fried type of doughnut filled with deliciousness.

Amarula cheesecake~no bake

It takes a bit of shamelessness to describe one’s recipe as perfect, but I would think this particular Non-Bake Amarula Cheesecake recipe is pretty much foolproof on every single level, hones…

Hoender Lewer Patee - Boerekos met 'n Twist:

~ Classic Chicken Liver Pâté: The other night after work, I had to decide between 2 snacks: my usual squares of dark chocolate, or this chicken liver pâté. It’s a testament to how ridiculously tasty and satisfying this pâté is that I chose the latter…