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three books are sitting on a table with paper and scissors in the shape of mice
Recipes, Craft, Fashion, Beauty, Diet and more - Prima
Craft ideas for kids: mouse bookmarks Get your kids excited about reading this summer!
three colorful birds hanging from a tree branch
13 Yarn Pom-Poms for Home Decor - Make and Takes
a person is holding three small crocheted pillows in front of their face and the caption reads, homemade foam recipe for play
Homemade Floam Recipe
homemade floam
an older woman standing in front of a basket filled with sticks and balls on top of a table
13 DIY Backyard Games and Play Structures
Life-size Kerplunk game (with instructions).
a fish in a glass jar filled with blue rocks
Crafts | Disney Family
Fish craft! Thanks to magnets hidden under the lid, this goldfish shimmies, quivers, and floats in its jam-jar bowl just like the real thing. Smart!
a large balloon with spider webs attached to it
Knit, crochet, toys, crafts and Recipes
How to make spider web balloons.
a bottle of water, gloves and other cleaning supplies on a table outside with grass in the background
Bouncing Bubbles
bouncing bubbles...bubbles that don't pop!
Minute-to-Win-It games Pop, Can, Minute To Win It, Minute To Win It Games, Minute To Win, School Parties, School Fun, Escuela
Minute to Win It
Minute-to-Win-It games
a stuffed dog sitting inside of a box
Mod Podge Kid’s Tissue Dog
Mod Podge Kid’s Tissue Dog
the process for making homemade flubbers is shown in several different pictures, including hands and
Homemade Flubber Recipe For Kids | Live Craft Eat
Homemade flubber
a large number of lines that are drawn in different colors and sizes, all on one side -  Resources and Information.
How to draw animals
there are many balloons in the grass with words above them that say, have a water balloon ship and slide together
Water balloon slip and slide...sooo cool!
there are many children sitting on the ground playing with soap and water in their hands
Shark and Water Themed Fun
Roll a six and you get to splash the water. Haha! It's so simple, but you know kids would love that. #kids #games #summer
homemade rock candy sticks on a red plate
Make Your Own Rock Candy Easily at Home | Make:
How to make your own Rock Candy! A delicious science experiment :)