The Connected Body

The Connected Body Infographic: Wearable Electronics

Healthcare Is Huge #healthcare #infographic

Is Huge. CompTIA shows the healthcare sector employes more than 17 million workers. Total healthcare spending in 2011 was trillion dollars - single largest component of US budget. 9 out of 10 doctors see technology as key to practice future

Top 5 Healthcare Infographics (1 of 3) | NueMD Blog

The Doctors Tech Toolbox [infographic] ~NHS supply chain & Healthcare Personnel Supplies - high calibre salaried and locum staffing - Doctors, Nurses

mulesoft healthcare integration solutions

Future of Healthcare - Connected Hospital Infographic

"Rise of the Digital Doctor"  Interesting insight into how physicians are using more digital tools/ social media to help communication with both potential visits and even with other physicians

Infographic: Rise of the Digital Doctor (physicians + social media)

How Patients Learn in the Digital Age: Search Engines for Health Information...#Health #Tech

Infographic that surveyed non-MD healthcare professionals of how patients learn in the digital age utilizing technology for patient education


Top 20 HIT infographics of How Telehealth Connects Patients & Healthcare Professionals

Perceptions Do Not Always Equal Reality    This infographic features research produced by Enspektos, LLC exploring the differences and similarities between what providers recall versus the reality of their online experiences.

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Digital Healthcare: Where Are We Now?

Digital healthcare infographic highlights the time consuming and expensive task of converting paper records to EMRs that is not addressed by Meaningful Use.


Infographic: Rising Use of Social & Mobile in Healthcare

Doctors go digital, state by state | HIMSS Future Care

Doctors Go Digital: States with the highest EHR and ePrescribing adoption

Digital Doctor Survey

As physician practices become more comfortable in the social media sphere, their go-to preference for social media tools to attract patients is changing, according to a Digital Doctor survey initiated by ZocDoc in

Are You Ready for Some Sensors... in Healthcare? #infographic

How Innovations Using Sensors Can Disrupt Healthcare (infographic)sensors make sense in healthcare

Mobile devices, wireless tools and targeted applications are enabling better care for patients and doctors alike.  The virtuous cycle of investment in the mobile ecosystem- from networks, to handsets and tablets, to applications- provides an unparalleled foundation for dramatic advances in health and wellness in the U.S.

Mobile Future - Mobile Tools Are Transforming Healthcare

Infographic: What’s in the Bag of the Quantified Clinician?

Infographic created by Quantified Care illustrates how mobile health devices are transforming the way quantified clinicians provide care across the continuum of medicine.

History of EHR (Electronic Health Record)

What is an EHR or an EMR? View our simple infographic to understand the history of electronic health records as the technology and requirements developed