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Biryani Masala
Biryani Masala
sambar powder recipe | sambar masala | sambar podi | sambhar masala at home
an advertisement for a restaurant called tomato chutney with information about the ingredients
the ingredients for rasam masala are shown in red, white and blue colors
Cook With Ishi
Cook With Ishi
an info board with different types of food in bowls and on the table, there is a list of ingredients
an info board showing the different spices used to make biriyani masala
an image of different types of spices in hindi text on the top right side of this poster
ઈડલી ફક્ત 12 મિનિટમાં? બસ એક સામગ્રી ઉમેરો અને બનાવો એકદમ ફુલેલી
Instant Idli is a soft and fluffy idli that's super quick to make! It's made with semolina or sooji batter and takes only 30 minutes, so no need to wait for fermentation. I add a special ingredient to the idli batter, making them stay fluffy and moist even after they cool down. This recipe is a great alternative to the traditional idli made with rice and dal, which needs more than 8 hours of fermentation.
an assortment of different spices and herbs in bowls on a wooden table with the names of them
Indian Garam Masala Recipe
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