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an image of a church with the words love note aisle runner written on it
DIY Aisle Runner: Messages Of Love
chalkboard aisle
a wooden sign sitting on the side of a tree stump in front of a fence
an image of a wooden crate with the word just married spelled out in white letters
main (642×482)
a candle that has some kind of decoration on it
the collage shows many different things in this photo, including wedding cards and other items
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a bride and groom sitting on hay bales
Sunflower Wedding Theme
Sunflower Wedding Theme
two pairs of shoes sitting on top of a red carpet next to a bride and groom
Chantel en Willie { Romanties + Pragtig } - Trou Inspirasie
Chantel en Willie { Romanties + Pragtig }
there are two pictures, one with glasses on it and the other has plants growing in them
Ringe in ‘n bos { Woudtroue Inspirasie } - Trou Inspirasie
Oulike ring bearer's boksie