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Recycled metal sculpture by Alexander Dedov
a woman's face is made out of wood and has her eyes closed to the side
Inspiration. Creativity. Wonder.
20 Wooden Sculptures That Are So Realistic They’ll Leave Everyone with Goosebumps
a woman sticking her tongue out from behind a tree
galeryfiguren ...naughty wood sprite
a close up of a tree with a face carved into it's barks
amazing wood sprites
An amazing wood spirit ~ #trees #carving #nature More
a statue of a woman holding a baby in her arms on top of a tree
ShapingSpirit - Etsy
Life without you my child..
a tree trunk with a carved baby in it's mouth and an angel on top
Feeling Treerific (Carvings)
Feeling Treerific (Carvings) - Imgur
a tree stump with a statue of a girl holding a bird
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Wind In My Hair - Goddess Art, Driftwood Sculpture By ShapingSpirit
a statue holding a bird next to a tree
Debra Bernier
a large tree stump in the middle of a forest
Sleeping Tree
Most Beautiful Pages: Sleeping Tree
a young boy standing next to a tree with glasses on it's face and eyes
Ma, it's looking at me!
Found in Antwerp zoo. Ma, she's looking at me! | by Vainsang
Top Emerging German Artists You Should Know
These mesmerising modern sculptures play tricks on the mind as you walk around, and are a worthy addition to any travel itinerary.