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Homemade Orange Soda
If you're anything like us, you're probably tired of always feeling sluggish and run down from consuming too many sugary drinks. Thankfully, we have the best homemade orange soda recipe that you HAVE to try! This healthy soda recipe is a game changer and a must-try for your family and friends.
a mocktail for everyone who loves good sleep, just like me. truly a functional drink — it’s not only delicious, but so good for you! ingredients// (makes 2) .5oz maple syrup 1oz lemon juice 1oz lime juice 8oz tart cherry juice 1 sprig rosemary 1 knob ginger 1 handful mint sprinkle of cinnamon sparkling water ice method// muddle together maple syrup, grated ginger, mint, rosemary and cinnamon. add lemon/lime juice and cherry juice. shake and pour into glasses with ice. top with sparkling water
a poster with different types of pizza and wine
Great Advice on Pairing Wine with Pizza | Wine Folly
the thanksgiving margarita is served in a glass with cinnamon stick garnish on top
Thanksgiving Margarita Recipe
A smooth, sweet, and spicy fall-themed cocktail, this Thanksgiving Margarita is a treat for the taste buds! This will be a new autumn favorite! One of the most unique margarita recipes you’ll ever try! Make this tasty fall treat today!