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a poster with the words life's too short to knit with cheap yarn
Always get the good stuff.
Always get the good stuff. | 18 Important Life Lessons To Learn From Knitting
an image of a ball of yarn with the words i make string pretty on it
Calypso's Craft Works
Calypso's Craft Works
the cartoon shows two people sitting at a table and one is talking to each other
Just stumbled across this cool page for Susan Dolan
Blasphemy! More
a woman sitting on top of a chair next to a pink background with the words sorry, i'd rather stay home and nurse an unhealthy level of attachment
Just sharing ( knitting) SL
it's not a hobby, it's a post - apocalyptic life skill
.Right??? I have seriously thought this! If things go down, I have the skill to make stuff to keep people warm! All I would need is a wool/yarn dealer, hahah...or keep my own sheep...
an old man sitting on the ground with knitting needles in front of him and looking at the camera
Gentleman knitting woolen caps at The Blue Mosque ( Sultanahmet Camii ) Istanbul, Turkey.
the words yarn and chocolate two things i can't live without are shown in black on
...and maaaaaybe Netflix ;)
the words sticks and stones may break my bones but sticks & string excite me
a quote with the words that moment when you should't stop
This is why people think we're crazy!
a quote that says yes i like to knit, no i am not old
Yes, I like to knit. No, I am not 'old'.
knitting keeps me from unravelling the art of knitting
Repin if KNITTING keeps you SANE!
a poem written in black and white with the words, i'm still curious about one thing agness why did you take up knitting?
a drawing of a girl holding a ball of yarn with the caption, i find my time is best spent
Awwww cute. Really does give you a nice comforting feeling in your hands that you can sometimes feel in your heart too #knitting #tejer #punto
a notebook with an image of a tree and the words, rather than telling them all to pick off she just kept knitting
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Jenny Doh The polite alternative :: Just keep knitting