Manic’s Merrymaking Must-Haves. "This is Water: Eight glasses a day for best health. Hide this bottle in plain sight & use it as a reminder to worship the right things.

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Branding and design for the exclusive lingerie range by Carine Marque. The new identity was a huge success generating a significant increase in sales and publicity, both in France and the international markets.


Central Child Guidance Office / 群馬中央児童相談所 by Maniackers Design, via…

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Strategies for Aesthetic Consistency and Continuity in Thesis


Murano-glass Pill Vases - Milan designer Fabio Novembre has created these pill-like vases for Murano glass company Venini. Imitating pharmaceutical capsules, the vases are blown in two colours with chemical symbols etched on their side


"Le Bleu lait is a small company from Mirepoix, France. Le Bleu is a delicious fresh milk lovingly manufactured in small quantities. Take a cup of kindness.


Type positioning in relation to layout, in this instance landscape, use of different type sizes and boldness to highlight sections of important information