Wilsons Toffies in Afrikaans

Wilsons Toffies (South Africa - Afrikaans) I bought one of these for an afternoon at the cinema !

1968 South Africa 20 Cents Protea Flowers Plant Coin | eBay

1968 South Africa 20 Cents Protea Flowers Plant Coin | eBay

Lion Lager | South African Breweries

Colorado Breweries and Mile High Water


Schwepps - Soft Drink from South Africa

Pine nut

Pine nut - brings back happy memories of our teenage years in SA :)

For you see, the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes via All On The Illuminati

Illuminati Symbolism in Money

Two dollar bill flooded with illuminati and satanic symbolism. Our forefathers were illuminati.

Kon baie sweets koop vir die geld....

south african money I Lenda V. WON the 2016 September lotto jackpot



South Africa has been one of the top ranked Rugby Nations since 1995,  and even though there have been patches of animosity, with coaches forced into selecting a certain number of Non-White players, the bottom line has been that the Springboks are one of the toughest opponents in World Rugby.

The Boks will be going to extremes with their campaign and will take turf from South Africa with them to the World Cup. We just hope they've cleared it with customs.


:) a diffirent look in the but bought a lot!

A place to call home

If my husband see this road sign house I am afraid it will be my new home!

Haas Das Se Nuuskas

Haas Das Se Nuuskas

Jan Wilkens - Online World of Wrestling

1 of SA's best Wrestling Heroes of all time, Jan Wilkens

Jan Spies Cremora

Jan Spies Cremora

Heidi Afrikaans opening

I loved these manga classics.little women, heidi, anne of green gables, and pollyanna

South Africa in the 60's & 70's

A random look into a random moment of a random South African family film from the