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I love rusks, but after you have made them a few times and realise how much sugar and fat go into them, you feel more and more guilty abou...

BUTTERMILK BRAN RUSKS 300 g Margarine 1c Oil 2c Brown Sugar 2 Eggs 2c Buttermilk 1c Wholewheat Flour 3c Cereal Bran Flakes 7c Flour 8t BP 1t Salt Melt butter, oil sugar in saucepan. cool. Beat till thick. Beat in eggs, then beat in buttermilk. Add dry ing, stir till blended. Pour into large roasting tin lined with oiled greaseproof paper. 180°C for 1 hr. cool. Cut. dry reduce oven to 100°C leave for 4–6 hours to dry

Deluxe rusks

Dad's Everything Rusks 1box all bran. 2 c oats 2 c wh wht flour 4 TBLS bk pdr 1 lb butter 1 bx dark brown sugar 4 c assorted raw nuts 1 box raisins 1 c sunflower seeds 1/2 c flax seeds 1/2 c sesame seeds 1 c pumpkin seeds 1 qrt. butter milk 8 ex lg eggs Mix dry ing Melt butter mix with sugar Beat eggs mix into buttermilk Add dry ingr. To wet, add more buttermilk if needed Make Slice marks 1"x2" 350 1-1 1/2 hrs Dry in warm oven until dry.

South African Bran Rusks Recipe- A hearty, tasty bran rusk with sunflower seeds. A no fail recipe, perfect for dunking!