How to keep your eyes healthy.

Be a Good Keeper of Your Peepers

Give your eyes a break to avoid post-computer pain, strain, and blurriness.

7 Things You're Doing At Your Desk That Give You Eye Strain #Infographic #EyeStrain #Health

7 Things You're Doing At Your Desk That Give You Eye Strain [Infographic]

Standard D Computer Concepts Office safety eye strain Things You’re Doing At Your Desk That Will Give You Eyestrain (Info graphic)

7 Things You're Doing at Your Desk That Give You Eye Strain Infographic | All About Vision

7 Things You're Doing At Your Desk That Give You Eye Strain [Infographic]

Did you know…that blue light can cause macular degeneration, eye strain and insomnia? This infographic tells you the sources of blue light, the risks and what you can do about them. Protect your eyes from blue light with ZEISS DuraVision BlueProtect eyeglass lenses. #ZEISS, #infographic, #bluelight, #bluevioletlight, #DuraVision, #BlueProtect, #ARcoating, #antireflectivecoating, #eyeglasslenses, #eyewear

Have you ever suffered from insomnia? Often times, insomnia is caused by multiple reasons, such as not getting enough rest

Computer Use on Young Eyes: Simple Guidelines to Help Protect Children’s Vision

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How many hours do you log on your computer, smartphone or tablet every week? Nearly 90 percent of people who work on a computer at least 3 hours a day suffer from eye trouble, which may actually be symptoms of digital eye strain (or computer vision syndrome). Read to see how to avoid or minimize them...

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HEADACHES CAUSED BY eyestrain are often associated with other vision problems! If you’re suffering from headaches, come visit us! We would love to help you.

Headaches that are caused by eyestrain can also be connected to other vision problems! Been suffering from headaches lately? We'd love to help you! Call us today to schedule an eye health exam!