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Pendant of Bertrandite in Sterling Silver, Emerald in 22 karat Gold. Another ocean inspired piece. This while hiking up Cummins Creek ridge in the coastal mountains late one fall afternoon, I caught a glimpse of the ocean in the dwindling light, through the deep green boughs of the magnificent red cedars, moss hanging off the branches seemed to support the view. Glass bead blasted and lightly oxidized Fine and Sterling Silver sets off this fine piece of Bertrandite, above Sterling dangles. The c

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an angel ornament hanging from a string
stained glass Snails! | mosaique-pic'assiettes | Stained Glass, Glass, Stained glass suncatchers
A lovely handmade stained glass looking angel pendant in light turquoise with copper wiring. That contrast in color is striking.
a necklace that has some kind of design on the front and back of it, hanging from a black cord
Purple stained glass pendant
two pieces of jewelry sitting on top of a white table next to a seashell
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Classique noir et blanc vitrail pendentif et boucles par LAGlass
a wind chime hanging in the shape of a crescent with a cat on it