Ricardo de Sousa

Ricardo de Sousa

Johannesburg, South Africa / Young man, always eager to learn and try new things. Living each day, filling it with fun and laughter along the way. A smile a day, can go a long way!
Ricardo de Sousa
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Home Building, Wooden Floor & Timber Frame House Plans New Zealand

angled courtyard ___ I wouldn't make the angle quite so severe unless there were site constraints. I'd loosen it by 5 or 10 degrees . but the angle adds interest.

Very earthy and still has a light airy feeling

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Berluti , from Iryna

clawedrockdawg: handmadebrogues: bespoke lace up Those are beautiful. I can't figure out if these are men's or women's shoes but either way I would wear them

Hahaha! Awww that was my favorite thing about my old Lucky Brand jeans :( i have to get another pair :) Besides the Dungarees make my butt look goooooood!

Always liked that detail. Lucky brand jeans especially since once you take them off it says lucky me on the other side of the zipper. On women's and men's jeans.