cardigan + tie + beanie

Pair a grey wool blazer with a nude cardigan for a seriously stylish look. — Beige Beanie — Black Tie — Beige Cardigan — Dark Brown Pocket Square — White and Blue Vertical Striped Dress Shirt — Grey Wool Blazer

The crisp white oxford.

Yes, Singapore is an all-year round summer city and Singaporean men need to take a lesson in casual wear - looking sharp, not sloppy with a simple white shirt, chino shorts and loafers (no flip-flops! Boho chic that immensely elevate a man's desirabi

Dow Jones rust plain knitwear

Absolutely Love snuggling up to daddy when he wears Dow Jones knitwear from Edgars

Hallmark watch and silver cross pendant on rubber thong set

So you can be in time to collect me from daycare!

Dow Jones yellow check shirt

Dow Jones yellow check shirt

COTY Gravity 50ml cologne, spray and watch set

COTY Gravity cologne, spray and watch set

Pro-Action baseball jacket

Pro-Action baseball jacket

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