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Watch: Five more of our favorite Suzelle DIY episodes... because anyone can The queen of homegrown help is still at it and we've brought together five more of our favorites -- to be honest, they're all our favorites -- so you don't have to.

#AdoftheWeek 29 July 2015:"Suzelle meets Nataniël at Checkers". Checkers More Than You Expect TVC from Ninety9c, featuring Nataniel and Suzelle. DIY.

This recipe for making your own homemade biltong is perfect for all those South Africans who emigrated… ag shame! Suzelle’s Biltong Recipe : DISCLAIMER : Be careful not to install your lightbulb too close to the bottom of your box. … Continue reading →

Here’s the last episode in Suzelle DIY’s Christmas special…or as Suzelle says “There’s it! The final episode in the Christmas special! I hope that you have enjoyed them x.” It’s not quite a braai pie. It’s a spit braai. This time Suzelle has all the tips on how to make a spit braai/rotisserie. (Although after watching the More Info »